Market Entry & Expansion

Setting up your business in a new country can be complex without an experienced and professional team.

From legal documents to employment and payroll, InnoBay Australia has assisted many companies and businesses cut the chase, and we can help you focus on running your business.

Our dedicated team will help you establish a strong infrastructure for rapid growth, tailored to meet your strategic requirements and budget.

Our Services

Choose from our full suite of services, Innobay Australia can provide you with professional support. We have many years of experience in implementing market entry and expansion strategies, through customised market entry models and advisory services to help your organization access new global markets. We can assist you in dealing with all the challenges you might come across when engaging in a foreign market.

Let us help to make your market entry/expansion a success.

– Feasibility/Market Research

– Market Insight and Trend Analysis

– Application Analysis

– Product and value proposition development

– Target customer profile and persona development

– Product and business licensing and permit guidance and implementation

– Government structure guidance and registration

– Market and business plan development

– Nominee of a local director or local agent

– Business visa and employee pass guidance and assistance

– Incorporation as a company, representation office, branch office

– Subsidiaries with requisite paperwork, visas, passes and local staff

– Sales consulting

– Contract and agreement development

– Marketing, PR and promotional planning and management

– Brand management

– Channel and category management

– Merchandising consulting

– KPI reporting

– Product registration

– Regulatory compliance support

– Partner contracts and agreements

– Import and customs guidance and handling

– Product packaging and warehousing

– Order fulfillment assistance

– Invoicing and account receivables

– KPI Reporting

– Business Partner Search

– Market Research

– Recruiting and other HR services

– Company Foundation

– Credit Report

– Quality Control

– Room Rental (Meetings, Conferences, Events)

– Virtual Office

– Interpreting Service

– Translation Service

– Certification

– Trade Fair Services

– Event Management

– Advertising & Sponsorship

Our Sectors

We represent a broad spectrum of industries through our diverse team of industry experts. With business networks throughout Australia, we can be your choice of advisory, or direct you to our next best partner towards your success.

– Information Technology

– Oil and Gas

– Petrochemical and Chemical

– Marine

– Power Generation

– Envirotech

– Microelectronics

– Pharmaceuticals

– Biotechnology

– Medical Technology

– Information Technology

– Beauty

– Personal Care

– Luxury Products

– Lifestyle Products

– Logistics

– Education and Training

– Government Grant Consulting

Why Choose Innobay Australia?

Our CLEAR CHOICE Advantage sets us apart from other market entry and expansion services that help businesses in Australia and Asia. These set of values guides every business relationship and decision we make, to provide a customised, well-researched and profitable experience for you.


Local expertise

Extensive experience

Australian perspective


Customised solution

High value-add



Contacts and connections

Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Let’s make a difference

Ready to find out more about how InnoBay Australia can help drive your business forward? Tell us a bit about your company and we’ll show you how we can help you meet your business objectives today – and in the future.